Flawless Fractional Needle Review - Update

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Thank God, it's Friday! And it's my fourth day since my Fractional needle treatment from Flawless, please see review here. So here's my skin current status:

I woke up like this
My I woke up like this look
As you can see, my skin looks as if I have a natural blush. Shocks, feeling ko ang ganda ko haha. It is so much better than the first day. Only one pimple appeared on my jaw area after, I still have few blemishes though. I did not experience peeling or whatsoever. For 4 days I avoided wearing any makeups, just the cream provided by the doctor and sunblock. I even attended 2 job interviews yesterday (how cool is that).  I'm just using cetaphil as my soap. My skin looks smoother than before but I still need to address my larges pores. There are still acne scars of course but I'm happy that there's already an improvement after the first session.

Closer look
Downtime is bearable unlike chemical peels although there are times during the day that my face really looks oily, so I swipe it with a tissue. I did not use any products aside from what I mentioned above. I'm really impressed with the result of the treatment and I'm thinking of doing another session next month. I recommend this for those who have mild to moderate acne scars.

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Aj Gutierrez
1 October 2016 at 05:09 delete

Hi! I'm SELLING my 2 remaining sessions (package) of Easy Peel at Flawless SM North for only 6k (save 1k)! NEGOTIABLE. :) Can't use them anymore because I'm on isotretinoin now. I have to say the results of Easy Peel on me was very good. :) If you're interested, you can send me a PM at https://web.facebook.com/aj.gutierrez.56 or call/txt 09309947157. Thanks! :)

14 December 2016 at 17:51 delete

Hi! I really appreciate real people sharing their experiences. This convinced me to try the fnt as I am also battling these nasty scars for some months now. Keep spreading the good word
You look so much better :)

irene cham
3 May 2017 at 01:05 delete

Ate i really want to know your facebook so i can ask you more about fnt. Please reply thank u!