Hong Kong 2015 Travel notes (Budget, Guide etc.)

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Last part of my Hong Kong travel series. For the 4th part click here.

welcome to hong kong

Our Hong Kong tour was a DIY. For this trip, we booked an apartment through airbnb. It's good for 6 people but since we're only 4 we got a discounted rate. Additionally we can cook our own food here. Since we're staying almost a week in HK we opted for this one. We really want to cook our food to lessen some of our expenses (lol). Our apartment is near Mong Kok market and MTR station (just a few minutes away) so our transportation was lessened too.

All our attraction tickets were bought from klook. As for the food, we did ate outside our apartment but we also cooked our own. We even bought alcoholic drinks on our first night (haha, mga lasengga!). In case you want to do some groceries, there is Wellcome market

Shiena doing some groceries
We also tried HK street foods, and they are actually good. Ahm don't asked me about the sanitation, syempre street food yan, eat at your own risk nalang. haha. So far I didn't get an upset stomach while eating them.  

street foods

I recommend to eat these cold noodles (you can find it in Mong Kok), as well as the..umm..weird looking pancake-like food xD:

cold noodles
Cold noodles anyone?  Masarap 'to promise

Anong tawag dito?? haha
Other tours/attractions:
We also availed Peak Tram minus the Madam Tussauds tour. Note, according to my sources, it's better to ride the Bus than the Peak tTam. Mas maganda daw yung view pag nakasakay sa bus. Kaso pagdating naman namin sa The Peak, eh peak na peak din ang fog halos wala na kaming nakita sa view (cries).

the Peak
Foggy morning
My expenses:
Forgive me but I wasn't able to list down the expenses for my 6-day HK travel but guess how much I spent for this trip? Well tada- it's almost Php 27,000.00 (4,449.76HKD as of this writing). This includes my RT airfare and pasalubong.

My airfare cost Php 5,356.30 (promo fare from CEB). I think if I didn't buy too much pasalubong I'll save more with this trip. Our stay in HK is enough to have a day tour in Macau, so if you plan to go there with the same length of stay, please, please go to Macau, it's one of my regrets you know. 

Even though I didn't listed down my expenses, please see Shiena's HK google document where the prices of tickets, accommodations, attractions, restaurants are listed down. Our expenses were based here too so in a way you can guess how much my tickets, transportation were. The things listed in document is based on what we prefer. For example in our accommodation, we just listed down an apartment style place. For the restaurants, we listed the ones that we want to try. 

I want to share it because it's a good source of information if you're planning to visit Hong Kong soon. There are some notes too and a sample itinerary is also included (note this is not our actual itinerary though). Feel free to check the document and add yours too. :D 

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