Nayong Pilipino in Clark Pampanga

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I couldn't remember when was the last time I visited Nayong Pilipino. I think I was in elementary and that time it was near in NAIA. Now, Nayong Pilipino is located in Clark Pampanga. Mas malayo na siya compared dati. I celebrated Christmas with Leonard's family here.  Not my usual way of celebrating Christmas but it's fun anyway. 

Since it's holiday, the roadtrip to Pampanga is quite breezy. I realized that very few tourists go in this side unlike if you go to Enchanted or Star City where you'll just waste your time in lining up for the rides. The admission fee in Nayong Pilipino costs Php 150.00. I don't know if this is the usual rate or was increased because it's holiday. I just found it too expensive. 

So what's inside in Nayon?:
  • Torogan house
  • Orchidarium
  • Lagoon
  • Museo ng Nayon Museum 2 
  • Laro Aral
  • Barasoin Church (replica) and Plaza
  • Teatro
  • Heroes Plaza - Rizal, Aguinaldo and Mabini's house
  • Kalinga Village
  • Ifugao Village
  • Aeta Village
  • Amphitheater  

According to the brochure, the orchids here are the rarest kind in the world. However, don't expect to see many flowers. There's also a sterilized laboratory where plants are being grown. 

There are koi fishes here. The feeding time is between 8am-3pm.

Museo ng Nayon
We were not able to go inside because the museum is closed. So we just took photos outside where there are graffiti.

Barasoin Church and Plaza
I haven't gone in Bulacan to see this famous church so I'm glad to see it here.  This is the most photogenic area inside Nayon. There are shops around the place if you want to buy some souvenirs. 

Inside Barasoin Church Replica
Cultural shows are being held here. From Tinikling to Rondalla (where stringed instruments are being played), you will see performers on their colorful costumes. This might seem boring for those who are not really into history but I suggest to watch anyway.

Heroes Plaza
Here, you'll see the replicas of Rizal's, Aguinaldo's and Mabini's house. However, only the exterior is the replica, if you go inside, you'll just see some few items. Nothing to see inside, really.

There are also cottages where you can eat your baon. In our case, Leonard's family brought our lunch and we ate it here. Parang picnic lang ang peg. haha. There's also a restaurant in case you didn't bring your own food. 

Considering our rich culture and heritage, the attractions inside Nayon is quite a few. I hope that they will improved the place more. I think having a tour guide inside will surely helped the visitors to understand more of our Filipino culture. It will also be a nice treat to see famous attractions such as Mt. Pinatubo, Chocolate hills, etc. It's nice to see a place that caters our history and culture however there are still lots of improvement to be done here. I hope that the government consider to expand Nayon Pilipino since it is a really nice place to have an educational tour.

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