Axilight Underarm Whitening Review

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If there's one problem that I wanted to address right now, as in right now, that is the uneven discoloration of my underarms. It didn't even help that I'm also suffering from hormonal imbalance which is one cause of dark skin. Ang hirap maging babae, juskopo!

Waiting for my first Axilight

So after contemplating and also doing a free consultation with Skin Station's resident doctor, I decided to avail Axilight laser. O diba, ganyan na ako kadesidido na umayos ang kalagayan ni kelly ko(kili-kili). I availed 5 sessions  and just last October 30, I started my very first session at SM Sucat branch.

Stretch Marks Be Gone - Bio Oil Review

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One day, while I was looking myself at the mirror, I noticed some unsightly red marks on my tummy area. I was gasping for air and I can't believe what I saw, stretch marks!! Was I really got that big? I was in denial for a moment but as the time goes by, it dawned on me that it was really stretch marks. How can I get them when I don't even have a baby yet? I wanted to burst into tears and blame myself for being a glutton. I immediately search for a stretch marks remover. There were many recommendations - palmers, glyderm, butter shea from body shop, etc. I wanted to try them all if only I have a money. I even thought of getting a laser. I was depressed. God, I'm not used to those marks. I felt it was a cursed, a cursed of being fat. My self esteem is at the lowest point. Then I just read and read for reviews. I initially thought of getting Palmers stretch mark lotion, but the Watsons store that I went to does not have any stocks so I decided to get this instead:

Bio Oil
Bio oil reduces the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging and dehydrated skin. According to the reviews that I read online, using this oil made an improvement on their stretchies. It was popular abroad so I thought why not and try it myself.  It's only been three weeks since I started using this. I applied it twice a day but sometimes I missed it at night. The scent is not bad. I haven't seen any improvements yet but I wanted to try it up the last drop of this bottle. I also applied whitening lotion on my tummy area just to help in reducing the marks. If I don't see any improvements after I finished one bottle then I have to switch to another product. I know this is is not an overnight process but I'm hoping that bio oil is worth it. I read online that stretch marks cannot be removed, it's like forever in your skin. What you can only do is to prevent yourself of getting them or if you have them now, you can only improve it's appearance. 

Price: Php 700++

Note: I'll update this post once I finished one bottle. Hopefully, there will be some results on using Bio Oil.

Why I like Kuya J's Halo-Halo

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Another restaurant has opened in SM Sucat. Due to renovations done on the place, it seems that the mall is adding new players as well. Previously, there was Ersao, Bonchon and now they are adding two new restaurants which are Pancake House and Kuya J's!

I would like to compare Kuya J to Max's, Giligans in terms of food that they are serving Pinoy na Pinoy ika nga. Anyway, let's check what Kuya J's has to offer...

Moving on with my new journey

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Hokeey, it's been awhile since my rant here in blogger. Yikes. Nagdadrama pa ako last time. Totoo nga na God's plan will happen at a certain time...and it did! May bonus pa. haha. So kung last time sa post ko eh depressed ako, this time I can say na naka-move on na ako from rejection. I got a new job na and it's already four months since I started with them. I was hired in a company that is expanding here in Philippines and I got a chance to travel in Germany (with bonus side trip sa Paris)! O diba bongga?! haha, katakot-takot man na rejections inabot ko last time, eh may dumating naman at higit pa sa inaasahan ko. hihi. So yes, kung depressed ka man ngayon, huwag mo hayaan sarili mo na nakalugmok sa isang tabi. I just realized that life is too short to be depressed. Dapat go lang ng go. Stiff talaga competition eh mapa job hunting man o maging sa totoong buhay, ganun talaga eh, swertihan ika' nga. Pero kung lagi nalang negative ang nakikita mo sa mga bagay bagay, edi ano nalang mangyayari sayo? Nga nga. It was a long journey, five years din ako sa dati kong company but I have no regrets on moving to a new one. I need to do this in order to grow. And definitely, I'm learning new things. Mga bagay na hindi ko naransan sa dati kong company. Mahirap sa simula but unti-unti natatanggap ko na. And I'm happy, happy that I took a step for my future and career. Kaya sayo na nagbabasa, if depressed ka man ngayon, namomroblema dyan sa career, don't fret. I'm sure, tulad ni mr. right, may isang company din ang nakalaan para sa iyong next career move. Antay ka lang, mas mahirap nga hanapin si mr. right kung tutuusin eh. haha. So yes, welcome self to the new company...ang tanong makatagal kaya ako? Haha, let see sa mga darating na buwan. :D 

Nakakadepress ang ma-reject

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Photo from gawker
Okay, itong post na 'to ay hindi dahil malapit na ang Valentines. Depressed ako hindi dahil magba-valentines at wala akong jowa. Depressed ako sa kadahilanang nareject na naman ako for the third time sa job application.

Oo, job application. Job application kasi naghahanap ako ng bagong malilipatan. Kailangan makahanap ng bagong work para sa ekonomiya. Lovelife ko makulay pero ang career growth ko di na tumangkad. Iniisip ko kung matutupad ko pa ba yung 1 million in a 30 ko kung ako heto at stuck sa matagal ko ng trabaho. Ang hirap kapag patanda ka ng patanda, dumadami na obligations saka ang priorities nag-iiba.

Naisip ko bakit ganun? Sa una okay naman pero pagdating sa final interview sumasablay. Ano bang pagkukulang ko? Ano bang mali ko? Tingin ko naman nasagot ko lahat, at my best possible answers. 
Sana lahat ng company na inapplyan ko at nireject ako eh binibigyan ako ng reason kung bakit nila ako di tinanggap. Parang pag-ibig lang eh, diba pag nakikipagbreak ka, kailangan mo ng closure?
Kailangan mo malaman kung saan ka nagkamali, kung alin kailangan mo iimprove para next time di mo na uulitin. Pero oo nga pala, hindi lahat ng breakups ay may closure. So bakit ko ieexpect na bibigyan nila ako ng reason for my failure?

Binigay ko naman ang best effort ko during the hiring process pero bakit di ako matanggap-tanggap?
Attitude ko ba ang problem? Hindi ba ako presentable enough? Hindi ba ako lovable? Minsan iniisip ko, tama pa bang maghanap ako kung meron naman na ako? Kailangan ko pa bang tumingin sa iba kung sa sariling company ko naman eh meron naman ibang opportunities? 

Sana...sana pagbigyan na ako ni Lord, sana bigyan nya ako ng sign, sign kung bakit hanggang ngayon
nandito pa rin ako. Sana makahanap na ako ng bagong work, sana...sana may flowers akong matanggap sa boyfriend ko this Valentines.

The Maya Kitchen Experience

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Last Saturday (January 31), my sister and I went to The Maya Kitchen to take their chocolate making class. Prior to the saturday class, she already registered a week before. Even though I have already an idea of what we'll be doing, I decided to join her. While waiting for the class to start, a lady asked us if we are planning to do some business that's why we are there.Well, we are not really planning it yet but it's nice to do something else for that weekend and hey, Valentines is coming so need to think something as a giveaway.

Anyway, we were only few in the class, less than 10. Most of us are either moms or working ladies. Our instructor was Ms. Roxanne, she's been with the industry for decades already and I'm happy to know that even though this is only a chocolate making class, they still put an experienced instructor to teach us.
Our instructor, Ms Roxanne Arcilla

Love is a choice

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love birds

I was wondering if you'll be able forget that someone you used to be with. That someone who made a great impact in your life. He/she might stayed for a couple of months to years until the inevitable happened. No, I'm not talking about that childhood or teenage love affair. That one is pure, innocent and it doesn't really know the meaning of love. I'm talking about that special someone who made you realized that life is fun, exciting and dangerous. 

That someone you don't care about going with to nowhere.
That someone who gave you a chance to see what true love means.
That someone  who you'are afraid to lose
and if that someone crosses your mind right now, then he/she is that one.

They said that love is a choice, I guess they're right. But it doesn't mean that when we choose to love a person, we choose to hurt them too. If we love, then we hurt. And if loving you will hurt me in the end, then I'll choose to be hurt than not to be love at all...