Love is a choice

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love birds

I was wondering if you'll be able forget that someone you used to be with. That someone who made a great impact in your life. He/she might stayed for a couple of months to years until the inevitable happened. No, I'm not talking about that childhood or teenage love affair. That one is pure, innocent and it doesn't really know the meaning of love. I'm talking about that special someone who made you realized that life is fun, exciting and dangerous. 

That someone you don't care about going with to nowhere.
That someone who gave you a chance to see what true love means.
That someone  who you'are afraid to lose
and if that someone crosses your mind right now, then he/she is that one.

They said that love is a choice, I guess they're right. But it doesn't mean that when we choose to love a person, we choose to hurt them too. If we love, then we hurt. And if loving you will hurt me in the end, then I'll choose to be hurt than not to be love at all...