The Maya Kitchen Experience

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Last Saturday (January 31), my sister and I went to The Maya Kitchen to take their chocolate making class. Prior to the saturday class, she already registered a week before. Even though I have already an idea of what we'll be doing, I decided to join her. While waiting for the class to start, a lady asked us if we are planning to do some business that's why we are there.Well, we are not really planning it yet but it's nice to do something else for that weekend and hey, Valentines is coming so need to think something as a giveaway.

Anyway, we were only few in the class, less than 10. Most of us are either moms or working ladies. Our instructor was Ms. Roxanne, she's been with the industry for decades already and I'm happy to know that even though this is only a chocolate making class, they still put an experienced instructor to teach us.
Our instructor, Ms Roxanne Arcilla

It's a group workshop where she taught us the proper melting, storing and molding of chocolates.  At first, we were awkward during the class but they encouraged us, students, to get to know each other. It's also a good thing that during the session, they let students to try what they are doing before the actual hands on.

They let the students to try it too

Around one hour or so, we proceeded for the hands on experience. She taught us the following recipes:
  • Almond Roca
  • Choco Lollipops
  • Bailey’s Truffles
  • Raisin Nut Cluster
  • White chocolate crunch

During the hands-on experience, my sister and I were already at ease and got the chance to mingled more with other students. The class were split into two so there are two groups doing their own. I was hoping that we'll be doing a one on one thing where we will make our own chocolate lollies but since it's a group workshop, you'll be making your own chocolates with your group.

The lesson is all about basic chocolate making so if you're looking for more advanced course, this is not the one. Below are some of the works during the session:

The not so cute chocolate teddy ehehe

All in all, we did have fun somehow , I know chocolate making is easier than other classes but I just realized that sometimes it's good to attend this kind of workshop, pampatanggal ng stress. haha.

Course Fee:
Php 1,500.00

*Includes apron, hands out, and ingredients.

For more information on other classes, please visit:

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