Why I like Kuya J's Halo-Halo

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Another restaurant has opened in SM Sucat. Due to renovations done on the place, it seems that the mall is adding new players as well. Previously, there was Ersao, Bonchon and now they are adding two new restaurants which are Pancake House and Kuya J's!

I would like to compare Kuya J to Max's, Giligans in terms of food that they are serving Pinoy na Pinoy ika nga. Anyway, let's check what Kuya J's has to offer...

So we went there two weeks ago at around 2:30pm. We haven't lunch yet and considering the time, we thought that we'll be seated immediately. But I was wrong, there was a line  outside of the restaurant. We waited more than 20 minutes before we were able to enter. It's still soft opening but before I list down the not so good details about the restaurant,I'll start first with their food.

Long line at 2:30pm
From Crispy Pata to Sisig to Pancit Canton, you can tell that they patterned it to our most loved Pinoy foods.  As for us, we ordered the following:

Sotanghon Guisado
(Php 175.00)
Not quite sure why they have Sotanghon instead of pancit bihon. 

Crispy Pata
(Php 490.00)
I wasn't able to picture this one :(
I was able to taste this a little, crispy but my mom is kinda disappointed, she thinks that it is too small for it's price

(Php 399.00)
Typical kare-kare, what I like is that they used  meats instead of tuwalyas (which I don't like in Kare-kare)

Chicken salad with sesame
(Php 155.00)
Honestly this one doesn't look like it has a chicken, and the dressing kinda tastes like turon. 

Sizzling Sisig with egg
(Php 190.00)
Not so spicy and as you can see, it's not even sizzling!

(Php 230.00)
No photo again for this one.
Not good, over baked and less butter

Humbingoongan/ Bagoong Rice
(Php 175.00)
One of my favorites

Best seller. I like the crushed ice of their halo-halo, it's like an ice cream and they don't melt easily. For the sahog, there are no bananas which is a downside. I like the amount of leche flan and ube. Definitely my new halo-halo to go instead of Razons or Chowking. And the best part? It's only Php 99! Sulit na siya for me. ^_^

Some thoughts on Kuya J:

They have many options on their menu but some of them are unavailable.  The level of their service is below my expectation given that it is a restaurant. When we were seated, the server did not get our orders right away. We waited for another 15 minutes. I noticed that only one staff is getting the orders of the customers. They forgot to served our scallops and halo-halo. But what really saddens me is that they don't care much on the food that they served. Imagine, yung isang halo-halo, matagal ng nakatengga sa counter tapos yung mga staff dinadaanan lang. Walang nagtatanong kung kanino o saan dadalhin. Then later we found out, yun pala yung order namin.

Then sa scallops, late na nga na iserved, hindi pa mainit. And during bayaran, we have to line up pa sa counter. Soft opening is soft opening but really understaff during these times? I don't think it is good strategy, mawawalan kayo ng customer which I witnessed when we were there. One big group left because ang tagal iserve ng food tapos parang karamihan ng mga inorder nila eh unavailable.

I hope Kuya J SM Sucat will do something about this. The selection of foods are promising and I like your halo-halo! So please be better next time.

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