#KetoBridePH - Keto Journey of a bride to be

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"Hey Carlzy, what's up?" You might ask me. As you know, ever since Leonard proposed to me last year, I got quite busy with some stuff. Aside from being busy with wedding preparation, we're also preparing for our little home. 

Anyway, I got a new journey on which I am very excited to blog. As the title suggests, I am now introducing a new series of my weight loss journey. If you've been following my blog (well not sure if I really have followers), I have this love-hate relationship with my weight ever since the world began and add to that is having PCOS in my entire adult life. As a soon to be bride, I really want to lose weight before my big day!

By January of this year, I think I hit my highest weight. Last year, my endocrinologist put me into diabetes medication because I am pre-diabetic, huhu, sad noh? I am not yet 30 but I am now taking maintenance medicine. However, I stopped taking metformin mid-last year because I can't take it anymore. I did lose some few pounds from taking metformin but they creep back and clung to me like the stubborn fats that they are. 

This February I learned about Keto. I didn't know that this diet exists until later. 

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The Carmelence View | Review

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It's been a year since I dropped a post here on my blog. So much has been happening ever since that Surprised Proposal. I can't still believe that I'm getting married this year. And just when I thought Paul and I will just celebrate our anniversary as simple as it gets, this guy had something up to his sleeves....