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It's been a year since I dropped a post here on my blog. So much has been happening ever since that Surprised Proposal. I can't still believe that I'm getting married this year. And just when I thought Paul and I will just celebrate our anniversary as simple as it gets, this guy had something up to his sleeves....

So last weekend, we went to Tagaytay, our favorite hideaway/escape from the Metro. We went to The Carmelence View, a hotel along the Tagaytay National road. You won't be able to notice it since they don't have any signage but once you passed the Summit Ridge, you're almost there. It is just across the Carmelence Lodge.

It seems ordinary at first glance. On the reception area, it's just like a living room on an old house. We came around 12:30nn and since it's still early, we weren't able to check-in right away. While waiting for our room, we headed out first to the Summit Ridge and took our lunch in Giligans.

Since we don't know if Carmelence have a room service, we also checked some restos nearby for our dinner. We found out that Samgyupsalamat has now a branch in Tagaytay! Yipee, I really love that Korean resto. Anyway, after our lunch, we went back to Carmelence view and found out that we can now check-in. 

Once we are in our room, I SAW THIS! TADAH!

I was shocked. I know for one thing that he booked a hotel in Tagaytay months ago. But what I didn't expect is that he made something out of the ordinary. The view was fantastic coupled with the surprise setup from the Carmelence team. I didn't cry of course, but my heart is jumping out of joy. I was like "WOOOW!! I didn't expect this!! OMGGG!" soo yeah just imagined I was saying that. Parang tanga lang ano haha.


Everything about the place is excellent - service, food, ambiance. No wonder it is one of the high rated hotels in Tagaytay. And yeah, I highly recommend this place. Haaay, everytime I looked on our pictures I can't help but feel so grateful that I have him as my fiance. I am one hell of a lucky girl! I love this guy so much. Just thinking how did this guy ended up loving me makes me cry knowing that he have someone before me.. oh well haha. weeps.

I love you so much Leonard! Counting months before our big day!

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