#KetoBridePH - Keto Journey of a bride to be

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"Hey Carlzy, what's up?" You might ask me. As you know, ever since Leonard proposed to me last year, I got quite busy with some stuff. Aside from being busy with wedding preparation, we're also preparing for our little home. 

Anyway, I got a new journey on which I am very excited to blog. As the title suggests, I am now introducing a new series of my weight loss journey. If you've been following my blog (well not sure if I really have followers), I have this love-hate relationship with my weight ever since the world began and add to that is having PCOS in my entire adult life. As a soon to be bride, I really want to lose weight before my big day!

By January of this year, I think I hit my highest weight. Last year, my endocrinologist put me into diabetes medication because I am pre-diabetic, huhu, sad noh? I am not yet 30 but I am now taking maintenance medicine. However, I stopped taking metformin mid-last year because I can't take it anymore. I did lose some few pounds from taking metformin but they creep back and clung to me like the stubborn fats that they are. 

This February I learned about Keto. I didn't know that this diet exists until later. 

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So what is keto?
Keto or Ketogenic Diet is a high fat low carb diet. And mind you, when I say low carb, it is really a low carb diet where you need to let go the following - rice, breads, pasta, etc. Since this is a high fat diet you can eat - bacons, eggs, avocado, cheese, almond nuts and any healthy fats that you could think of. You can also eat lechon, bagnet, steak or whatever as long as you are consuming mostly fats. 

How long you've been doing Keto?
- I'm already 6 weeks on this diet and I already lost more than 10 lbs with no exercise! This is really an achievement for me especially I have PCOS. If you are aware, when you have PCOS, it is easy to gain weight but very hard to lose it. Compared to when I was 4 weeks of low calorie diet, the result is very significant.

Keto flu, did you experience it?
- If you are starting Keto diet, please be aware that you can experience Keto flu. As our body adjusts, we experience unpleasant things especially we are withdrawing ourselves from carbs. In my case, during my first week of doing Keto diet, I felt weak. I'm always at the comfort room because of diarrhea. All I want to do is to take a rest. It lasted for about 4 days. 

What are your foods on Keto diet? Do you cook your own food?
- Eversince I started this diet, I subscribed to various keto delivery service. So it's up to my provider what will be my meal for a day. It's only on weekends that I get to eat a home cooked meal. Mostly the basics -- bacon, egg, cheese and keto bread.

Who is your keto delivery service provider?
- So far I already tried these three meal service providers- Ketogenic Diet PH, Ketoliving PH,
and KetoDiet PH. I planned to have separate posts and review for each in the coming days. I also ordered some desserts and breads from other online keto sellers. 

Do you recommend Keto diet?
- Why o why of course! But I strongly suggest to please contact first your doctor before starting any diet because you know, even if it works for me, it doesn't mean that this will work for you too. If you are healthy and no health issues, then maybe you can try this one.  

Please tune out for my next post about keto. 

Soon to be bride,

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