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Bucket List

I love reading other people's dreams,goals, the things they want to do before they reach the age of 30. It something that I think everyone should have. It makes us dream more, achieve more, inspire more. It is something to look back  that even though we don't have that much money in the bank, we are rich in experiences. And I love experiences. Its because they make us smarter, stronger. No matter how good and bad they are, there will always be a part that leaves a lesson. So here are my bucket list before 30 and will add if there's more. I hope I could do all of them. :D

Note: <secret> means you need to message me if you want to know it (as if you're interested noh haha).
- Skydiving
- Kite boarding
- Buy a condo/house/car with Leonard
- Travel abroad with  Leonard
- Travel locally with  Leonard
- Travel abroad
- Solo travel abroad
- Solo travel locally (far away than batangas/laguna)
- Star gazing with  Leonard
- Go to Calaguas
- Go to Caramoan and be a survivor
- Scuba diving
- Watch fountain  dancing lights
- Beach camping
- Learn how to cook
- Reach ideal weight
- Photowalk around the metro
- Learn to bake a cake
- Learn to drive
- Watch a sea of clouds (Mt. Pulag)
- Go to Sagada
- Watch a sunrise with Leonard
- Be an investor
- Own a life insurance
- Learn to balance self in surf board
- Have a business
- Dance with Leonard
- Sing in front of an audience in a resto bar
- Go to Disneyland
- Go to a park with full of flowers
- See a cherry blossom
- <secret>
- <secret>


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